Deng Voyage! the Travel Photo Book of 27 countries in 6 continents for Dongwan 
Here’s the completed photo book! We’ve sent emails today to everyone who participated in this project. It’s already on its way to our friend and then finally to the intended owner’s hands, Dongwan. :) Again, we can’t ever thank all of you enough for making our first project happen in just one week. It was insane and incredibly amazing. Thank you!!♥♥♥

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MBLAQ’s Mir confessed he once wanted to marry a g.o.d member on MBC “Stargazing”



MBLAQ’s Mir confessed on MBC “Stargazing” that he once wanted to marry one of the g.o.d members. Find out which member he wanted to marry after the break line!

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Back Seat Lullaby Ver. by JYJ || Times played:910

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